Architectural Practice and Project Management Tips

Architectural profession among others have witnessed the impact of the economic downturn in recent years. The good news is that many firms have benefited and continue to benefit from economic rebound.

This improvement is attributed to many reasons including but not limited to embracing a change in the way they do business, how they do business and conditioning their business to accept and accommodate a change.

Though many firms are stringent in their effort to enforce best practice guidelines but still doing the same thing as before and expecting substantial returns.

Recommendations to improve practice and project management:

    • You may consider creating employee awareness and educating them on profitability and be prepared to motivate talents.
    • Effective use and alignment of labour and material resources.
    • To involve a dedicated staff to marketing your services.
    • The use of integrated proactive and delivery techniques.
    • Take into consideration, commitment of project drawing review/ coordination to consultants outside of the project team.