Outsourcing As an Alternative Solution to Fill Your Employee Gap

How would you feel as a Project Manager if you do not have to worry at night about project deadline? In today’s market situation, the pressure and demand of concept and design development project time delivery can be overwhelming for many practices even for the well established and reputable firms. One of the options available to Project Managers will be to seek additional help from either one or both of the following sources:

    • Within the firm where labour resources permit.
    • External and independent Contractor.

Many firms are passive to outsourcing for the following reasons:

    • Quality of work.
    • Project may not satisfy office standards.
    • May cause coordination issues.
    • Fear of losing control over the project.

Outsourcing advantages to your architectural firm:

    • Accommodate peak loads and/or offset emergency needs.
    • Skilled expertise.
    • Staffing flexibility.
    • Save money.
    • Better people management.
    • Focus on competencies.